Wind, Whales and Whisky

Wind, Whales and Whisky

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In the summer of 1990, Silver Donald Cameron set sail with his late wife Lulu and their 12-year-old son Mark Patrick in their engineless 27-foot cutter Silversark for a voyage of discovery: a circumnavigation of Cape Breton Island. This account of their voyage is a unique opportunity to meet the extraordinary inhabitants of Cape Breton. Sail with them as they cruise Cape Breton's majestic coast and its fabulous inland sea, the Bras d'Or Lakes. Each landfall sparks a story.

Silversark's crew meets prophets, liars, moonshiners, Micmac professors, Scottish shepherds, Israeli shipyard owners, excruciating poets, exquisite musicians, American Buddhists, Acadian fishermen, Bourbon soldiers, malt-whisky distillers, coal miners and a man who raffles himself off at $25 a ticket - not to mention the friends who built Silversark while conducting a Nine Year Seminar on Boatbuilding and Life. Each landfall sparks a story - the Great Paper Boat Race of the World, or a coal miners' chorus doing a tour of China, or a funeral at sea.

Come with Silver Donald as he spends a cold day hauling lobsters just 40 miles from Newfoundland. Share the crew's encounters with whales, puffins, wolf-fish and the sunken wreckage of a 200-year-old war ship. Listen to the fog signals as Silversark gropes through the fog off the 18th-century French fortress of Louisbourg, and share the skipper's frustration as he spends a night on deck in the open Atlantic waiting for a wind.

Wind, Whales and Whisky blends acute observation with comedy, history, ecology, economics, art and even geology. An unforgettable portrait of a glorious island and its people, this book has become a Canadian travel classic.