Blood in the Water - A True Story of Revenge in the Maritimes

Blood in the Water - A True Story of Revenge in the Maritimes

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In June 2013, off the fishing village of Petit de Grat, three upstanding citizens cold-bloodedly murdered their neighbor at sea. The trio discovered Phillip Boudreau vandalizing their lobster traps yet again, part of a long campaign of theft, sabotage, and intimidation. One fisherman took out a rifle and fired four shots. Then they rammed and sank Boudrea's speedboat. The body was never found.


It was easily dismissed as the “murder for lobster" — a senseless brutal act. But to the master storyteller Silver Donald Cameron, who has a deep knowledge of the people and the history of where it happened, it was anything but senseless. It was a crime that over time became, in many minds, inevitable.”

Linden MacIntyre, author of The Wake


With its elegant prose and a cast of characters fit for any work of fiction, Blood in the Water takes us through one of the most remarkable criminal trials in the history of Nova Scotia. Silver Donald Cameron grapples with the complexities of small-town culture where history, blood, and tradition can override everything, even murder.”

Donna Morrissey, author of The Fortunate Son

Silver Donald Cameron tells a story of community bonds under strain, and tells it with compassion and nuance. Thanks to his own ties to Cape Breton, Cameron transcends the easy headlines to reveal the grey areas of the case and the humanity of a tragic villain. His compelling account of the desperate response to that villainy, and of an imperfect legal system, deserves a place in criminal law classes, yet feels like a yarn spun by the gifted raconteur next door. “

Jacques Poitras, author of Irving vs Irving


A helluva tale, full of quirky twists and enchanting details, and told in vintage Silver Donald Cameron style. He piques your curiosity in the first paragraph and delivers a master class in storytelling. Blood in the Water is about a moral dilemma that will linger long after the final page.”

Sally Armstrong, author of Ascent of Women

Silver Donald Cameron has produced a riveting account of transgression and murder in rural Nova Scotia. Shakespearean in scope, Blood in the Water rises above the true crime genre to offer powerful insights into the complexities, and the dark side, of Maritime society. A cracking good read.”    

Michael Harris, author of Party of One

This is a truly Canadian tale told in truly Canadian voices. Read it!”

Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mystery series.  

An engrossing behind-the-headlines story of a case that stunned Cape Breton…[and] a revealing contemplation of the close ties that can both bind or fetter rural communities, told by a consummate storyteller with a deep connection to that unique place.”

Pauline Dakin, author of the bestseller Run, Hide, Repeat